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CodernityDB CodernityDB is opensource, pure python (no 3rd party dependency), fast (really fast check Speed if you don't believe in words), multiplatform, schema-less, NoSQL database. It has optional support for HTTP server version (CodernityDB-HTTP), and also Python client library (CodernityDB-PyClient) that aims to be 100% compatible with embeded version.

CodernityDB CodernityDB-HTTP is build from 2 layers: a CodernityDB wrapper and a full client-side interface build with KnockoutJS.
CodernityDB-HTTP allows to manage your database directly from your web browser.

CodernityDB CodernityDB-PyClient is a client library that targets to 100% compatibility between CodernityDB in embeded mode and CodernityDB used with CodernityDB-HTTP. The remote errors will be the same as local ones, and remote traceback will be also included in it.

CodernityDB CodernityDB-PHPClient is a simple CodernityDB client library written in pure PHP.
Can be used with standard http sockets or curl. CodernityDB-HTTP is required to work with CodernityDB-PHPClient.