CodernityREST is a Apache 2.0 Licensed REST API framework made in Python. It aims to be configurable and fast. Designed to work with complex and big API, but will fit perfectly into small ones too. It takes care about data validation and error consistency (your and 3rd party).

Key features

  • very very good performance
  • super flexible and powerful URL creation
  • automatic input / output data parsing
  • automatic validation and consistent error reporting
  • browsable documentation (files, validators, decorators everything)
  • error dumping (see req_dumper) with pretty output
  • dependency less (well, you still need wsgi server, but only server)
  • Apache 2.0 License
  • works with Python 2.6, 2.7, and with PyPy 2.x
  • if you use gevent, you can use few more goodies


Tests contains most of CodernityREST features. All you need to remember is... CodernityREST is written Python, config is written in Python, routing configuration is in python (AFTER configuration is made). With that combination you can do a lot.


uwsgi --module CodernityREST.creator --http 3007

or with gevent

uwsgi --module CodernityREST.creator_gevent --gevent 100 --http 3007

You can run CodernityREST with any wsgi-compatible server.

Contribute & Bugs & Requests

CodernityDB is one of projects developed and released by Codernity, so you can contact us directly in any case via

Do you want to contribute? Great! Then just fork our repository ( on Bitbucket and do a pull request. It can’t be more easy!

To fill a bug please also use Bitbucket.