Client library for CodernityDB

CodernityDB-PyClient is a client library that targets to 100% compatibility between CodernityDB in embedded mode and CodernityDB used with CodernityDB-HTTP.

The remote errors will be the same as local ones, and remote traceback will be also included in it.

It will work perfectly even without CodernityDB in your system. That’s possible by using python import hook.



Because CodernityDB-PyClient is pure Python you need to perform standard installation for Python applications

pip install CodernityDB-PyClient

or using easy_install:

easy_install CodernityDB-PyClient

or from sources:

hg clone ssh://[email protected]/codernity/codernitydb_pyclient
cd codernitydb_pyclient
python install


You don’t need CodernityDB and CodernityDB-HTTP on the same machine as CodernityDB-PyClient.


If you want to use msgpack please install msgpack-python, or msgpack-pure to make use of it.

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