One of CodernityDB-HTTP features is the user interface. It’s build with KnockoutJS library. It requires no additional logic on server side. It just uses the methods that server exposes, so you can use it without worries about performance problems or so. It allows you to perform any kind of operation on database that server currently uses (and yeah, you can open different database also).

To access the inferface you need to visit http://{host}:{port}/_ui address. By default it will be http://localhost:9876/_ui. You will be asked for login password, then you can start using that interface.

Below you will find some screenshots of that interface:

_images/CodernityDB_HTTP_id_all.png _images/CodernityDB_HTTP_index_overview.png _images/CodernityDB_HTTP_new_doc.png _images/CodernityDB_HTTP_new_index1.png _images/CodernityDB_HTTP_new_index2.png